OK Family and Friends, I’m putting out an APB on my friend Keith Rickard. He Hasn’t been seen by his family or heard from in 48 hours. He lives in Apple ValleyCa. Last known Debit card activity put him in Pear Blossom Ca this morning. His Family also notes he is in his White toyota tacoma (picture below) Please spread the word and lets get our Sciko brother home safe.

Jalops, we need your help finding one of our own!


UPDATE ON Keith Rickard:

There is video footage of him at this location. They said he stayed 2 nights at this hotel and just got up and left today. Keep your eyes out! Now he is just playing games.

Updated Info as of 01APR:

Name - Keith Rickard

From - Costa Mesa, CA

Lives in - Apple Valley, CA

May have travelled to: Pearblossom, CA

May have travelled to: Newport Beach, CA

Last seen driving a white 2007 Toyota Tacoma - California plates 8E58624 - Lower back window on the passenger side displays a sticker saying AUDIOTISTICS.


If you have ANY info, or have seen him OR this vehicle PLEASE contact the Apple Valley police department at 760-240-7400 - THANK YOU!! PLEASE SHARE!!